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Evoort software define network services help you outline a strategy to achieve your desired business outcomes. We can help you navigate evolving technology and digital transformations, prepare your business for emerging trends, and address risks and compliance. Using our expertise, state-of-the art tools, and proven best – practice methodologies, we assist you in realizing value and efficiencies while building an agile network that allows you to embrace the digital future.


  • Software Defined DC
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  • Secured SD WAN
  • Unified Communications And Collaboration
  • Network Automation

How Evoort Can Help?

  • Help organisations gain greater control over technologically advanced infrastructure that is robust, agile, and secure.
  • Implement rapidly with a business strategy, migration strategy, and roadmap.
  • We can assist in the design and implementation of next-generation networks that leverage SDN, SD-WAN, AI-Ops, and Network Automation capabilities.
  • Improve network health With network analytics, machine learning, and predictive insights.


Software defined networking offers numerous benefits including on-demand provisioning, automated load balancing, streamlined physical infrastructure and the ability to scale network resources in lockstep with application and data needs.

  • Holistic Enterprise Management

    Allows management of physical and virtual network devices from a central controller.

  • More Granular Security

    If effectively used, can manage security throughout the enterprise (mix of physical and virtual environment).

  • Low Operational Costs

    Routine network administration tasks can be centralized & automated resulting into lower operational costs.

  • Low Capital Expenditure Costs

    Use of less expensive hardware “white box” switches with intelligence centered at SDN controller.

  • Vendor Neutrality

    If implemented using open standards, can help in reducing vendor lock-ins.

  • Automation of Network Provisioning

    Implement several automation functions through network orchestration apps .

  • High utilization

    Centralized traffic engineering provides a global view of the supply and demand of network resources. Managing end-to-end paths in this global view results in high utilization of the links.

  • Faster failure handling

    Failures, whether link, node or otherwise, are handled much faster. Furthermore, systems converge more rapidly towards optimized and predictable behavior.

  • Agility and flexibility

    Helping organizations rapidly deploy new applications, services and infrastructure to quickly meet their changing business goals and objectives.