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Embark on a transformative analytics journey with Evoort. From cutting-edge Data Science and AI/ML services to bespoke Business Intelligence and tailored Industry-specific Analytics Solutions, we are committed to unlocking the full potential of your data for strategic advantage and sustained growth.

Our Approach

At Evoort, we believe in a meticulous and customized approach to Analytics Development. We immerse ourselves in understanding your unique challenges and objectives.

Our approach combines innovative thinking with advanced analytics methodologies, ensuring that our solutions are not only technically robust but also aligned with your business vision. We collaborate closely with your team, navigating the intricacies of data to deliver impactful and actionable insights.

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Data Science & AI/ML Services
AI Strategy Consulting

Craft a roadmap for AI implementation that aligns seamlessly with your business objectives and vision for AI-enabled future.

Recommendation Engines

Elevate user experiences through personalized recommendations, leveraging advanced algorithms for increased engagement, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Natural Language Processing

Unlock the value of unstructured data with our Natural Language Processing solutions, enabling automated language understanding and interaction.

Bespoke Predictive Analytics Services

Build standalone predictive models to explain / predict business performance and user behaviors.

Business Intelligence
BI Strategy & Consulting

Develop a robust Business Intelligence strategy aligned with your business goals and data assets.

Bespoke Analyses & Reporting Solutions:

Get on-demand insights delivered with our ad hoc analysis support, thus providing flexibility and freedom in data exploration and reporting.

Dashboard Development

Visualize complex datasets through interactive, intuitive dashboards, ensuring a clear and comprehensive understanding of your data.

Self-Serve BI Development

Empower your teams with self-serve BI capabilities, fostering a culture of data-driven autonomy for faster and more informed decision-making.

Industry-Agnostic Analytics Solutions
Loyalty Analytics & Program Consulting

Perform comprehensive health-check on the existing loyalty program and evaluate if the business is maximizing the value from the loyalty assets. 

Customer Segmentation & Targeting

Maximize marketing ROI by building customer segments / micro-segments to enable effective customer targeting for personalized marketing strategies.

Marketing Analytics

Develop holistic data-driven strategies to ensure the right customers are targeted with right offers at the right time on right channels.

Demand Forecasting

Anticipate market demands and optimize inventory with advanced forecasting models, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Price Optimization

Optimize pricing strategies to enhance competitiveness and maximize profits, gaining a strategic advantage in your market.

Churn Prediction

Identify and mitigate customer churn risks through predictive analytics, preserving customer relationships and revenue streams.

Customer Experience Analytics

Enhance customer satisfaction by analyzing and optimizing the entire customer journey, providing insights for continuous improvement.

Revenue Management Analytics

Optimize revenue streams and pricing structures through advanced analytics, ensuring revenue growth and sustainability.

Industry-Specific Analytics Solutions
Market Basket Analysis (Retail)

Understand consumer purchasing patterns to optimize product placement and increase sales in the retail sector.

Promotion Effectiveness (Retail)

Measure and enhance the effectiveness of promotional campaigns, maximizing return on investment.

Shelf-Space Optimization (Retail)

Optimize shelf space for better product visibility and sales, improving overall retail performance.

Product Affinity Analysis (Retail)

Identify product affinities to enhance cross-selling strategies, increasing average transaction values.

Customer Lifetime-Value Analysis (Retail)

Analyze customer behaviors for personalized marketing and retention strategies, maximizing customer lifetime value.

X-Sell Modeling (Retail)

Develop cross-selling models to increase average transaction values and drive additional revenue in the retail sector.

Churn Prediction (Retail)

Predict and mitigate customer churn risks in the retail sector, preserving customer loyalty and revenue.

Consumer Risk Analytics (Banking)

Evaluate and manage consumer credit and financial risks effectively, ensuring financial stability and regulatory compliance.

Commercial Risk Analytics (Banking)

Assess and mitigate risks associated with commercial clients in the banking sector, optimizing lending risk against ROI.

Collections Analytics (Banking)

Optimize collections processes through data-driven strategies, improving efficiency and reducing bad debt.

Fraud Analytics (Banking)

Detect and prevent fraudulent activities through advanced analytics, safeguarding financial transactions and reputation.

Predictive Equipment Maintenance (Manufacturing)

Enhance operational efficiency with predictive maintenance models, reducing downtime and maintenance costs in manufacturing.

Bottleneck & Throughput Analytics (Manufacturing)

Identify and address bottlenecks in manufacturing processes for improved throughput and efficiency.

Our Differentiators

At Evoort, we believe in a meticulous and customized approach to Analytics Development. We immerse ourselves in understanding your unique challenges and objectives.

Adherence to Science

No ‘intuitive modeling’ through data force-fits. Adherence to the first principles of statistical modeling.

Accelerated Time-to-Value-Realization

Tailor-made solutions designed to address your specific business challenges and objectives, while leveraging domain experience to accelerate time-to-value-realization.

Agile Approach

Leverage best project management practices to model development while optimizing free-flow creativity needed to build pragmatic models.

Benefits of Engaging with us

At Evoort, we believe in a meticulous and customized approach to Analytics Development. We immerse ourselves in understanding your unique challenges and objectives

Flexible Engagement Models

Tailor-made solution designs to suit clients’ requirements.

Implementation & Support

Hand-holding through the operationalization of the models and post-implementation support including model refreshes and recalibrations.

Innovation Catalyst

Drive innovation within your organization through the application of data science and AI/ML builds enabled by us.