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ABOUT Custom Application Development

Is your company ready to embrace our Customized Approach?

In today’s competitive and fast – changing world, any business wants to stay ahead or at least on par with its competitors. This is only possible if the firms have the best plans and systems in place. Custom software applications simplify and streamline operations in an enterprise, saving a huge amount of time and cost while increasing efficiency.

Learn how Evoort’s innovative Information technologies services are transforming industries like software & technology, engineering, shopping & e–commerce, education, logistics & shipping


  • Bespoke Web Application Development
  • SoftwareProduct Development
  • Application Migration & Re-engineering
  • Application Maintenance
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Cloud Application Developments

How Evoort can help you

As one of the leading website development companies in the world, we take great care to adhere to our core values and provide the best service to our customers at the most budget-friendly price. By collaborating with Evoort, you will be protected on the technological front and establish a long-term relationship with us for your new endeavors.

  • A better understanding of challenges, taking into consideration business imperatives and tailoring a custom solution using cutting-edge technology.
  • Prepare a blueprint for the transformation of application domains into robust platforms.
  • Prepare a continual plan for the change management and governance process.
  • Accelerate innovation, attain flexibility, boost production efficiency, drive down costs, enhance asset utilization, and shorten time-to-market.


Technology stacks used for custom software development & Integrations

Web Tech Stack 1
Programming Languages Platform & Frameworks Databases
Javascript/ JQuery WordPress MySQL
Saas OS Commerce
Gulp Laravel
HTML Magentos
Web Tech Stack 2
Programming Languages Platform & Frameworks Databases
React Electrode
Webpack Hapi
Typescript Laravel PostgreSQL
Sass Express
Node JS


  • Optimized Business Process

    Technology needs to be designed and established in such a manner that it can comply with the business model and adopt the specific in – house procedures of the enterprise. Custom software creation aims to automate the business processes instead of eliminating them.

  • Reliability

    The ability to maintain and track your business processes over time can ultimately help you thrive. Reliability is a key factor that defines success. Proper testing of your custom software means that you have a stable IT product that can expand your business.

  • Secures your app data

    Through custom software development, you have the power to decide which data security technology or protocol is ideally suited for your company and incorporate it into your application.

  • Improves Efficiency

    Because business applications are custom built to keep the business requirements in mind, they serve as a robust app that executes a variety of functions and negates the need for multiple apps.

  • Integrates with existing software

    Custom made applications are built to take into account the current business software and are therefore expected to integrate well and operate without any errors.