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  1. IoT-Based Asset Tracking and Management - Optimizing Visibility and Efficiency:
    IoT-based asset tracking and management solutions offered by Evoort Solutions empower businesses to optimize the visibility, control, and efficiency of their valuable assets. With our expertise in IoT technologies, we provide comprehensive solutions that leverage real-time data, connectivity, and advanced analytics to enhance asset management processes across various industries.
  2. Real-Time Visibility and Location Tracking:
    Our IoT-based asset tracking system enables real-time visibility and location tracking of assets throughout their lifecycle. By equipping assets with IoT sensors and leveraging robust connectivity, businesses can monitor asset movement, utilization, and status in real-time. This ensures accurate asset tracking, reduces the risk of loss or theft, and allows for effective asset allocation and planning.
  3. Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring:
    By integrating IoT sensors and data analytics, our asset tracking and management solutions facilitate predictive maintenance and condition monitoring. Real-time data insights on asset performance, health, and utilization enable proactive maintenance, minimizing downtime, and optimizing asset lifespan. With predictive maintenance, businesses can avoid costly unplanned repairs, increase asset availability, and enhance operational efficiency.
  4. Efficient Resource Allocation and Utilization:
    IoT-based asset tracking and management solutions enable businesses to streamline resource allocation and utilization. By gaining visibility into asset availability and location, organizations can optimize asset allocation, reduce idle time, and improve resource planning. This leads to improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced productivity across various business functions.
  5. Compliance and Security :
    Our IoT-driven asset tracking and management system helps businesses maintain compliance and enhance security. By monitoring assets in real-time, organizations can ensure adherence to regulatory requirements, track asset usage history, and generate accurate audit trails. Additionally, the system provides enhanced security measures such as geo-fencing, tamper detection, and alerts, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or asset misuse.
  6. Customizable and Scalable Solutions:
    At Evoort Solutions, we understand that every business has unique asset tracking and management needs. Our IoT-based solutions are fully customizable and scalable to adapt to your specific requirements. Whether you need to track equipment, vehicles, inventory, or other valuable assets, our experts work closely with you to design and implement a solution that aligns with your business goals and maximizes ROI.
  7. Partner with Us for IoT-Based Asset Tracking and Management:
    Unlock the full potential of your assets with IoT-based asset tracking and management solutions from Evoort Solutions. Contact us today to discover how our innovative technologies and expertise can help you optimize visibility, streamline operations, and drive business growth. Let us be your trusted partner in transforming asset management processes and achieving operational excellence.


Evoort offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities to efficiently manage plants, sites, and warehouses, ensuring seamless operations throughout your entire supply chain. With our advanced technologies, such as barcode, QR code, RFID, IoT mobility, and cloud technologies, you can effortlessly track shipments, monitor expiry dates, automate goods replenishment, and effectively manage office and laboratory equipment.

Furthermore, we go beyond technology solutions by providing strategic consultancy services to support your organization's digital transformation journey. We recognize the significance of developing a robust long-term strategy as a crucial first step in any digital transformation initiative. Our consultancy services encompass evaluating your organization's maturity, identifying digital opportunities, and formulating a technology and execution strategy tailored to your specific business objectives.

Asset Tracking

Gain real-time visibility and control over your assets to optimize their utilization, minimize losses, and improve operational efficiency.

Equipment Tracking

Efficiently monitor the status, location, and utilization of equipment to streamline maintenance, enhance productivity, and reduce downtime.

Asset Management

Effectively manage your assets throughout their lifecycle, from procurement to retirement, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

Employee Tracking

Enable seamless tracking and monitoring of your workforce, enhancing safety, productivity, and operational efficiency.

Asset Audits

Conduct accurate and efficient audits of your assets, ensuring compliance, minimizing discrepancies, and facilitating accurate financial reporting.

Our solutions are designed to improve asset utilization, enabling you to maximize the value and productivity of your assets while reducing unnecessary costs. Whether you need to track equipment, optimize workflows, or enhance operational efficiency, Evoort provides the tools and expertise to drive tangible business outcomes.

Partner with Evoort to leverage our comprehensive capabilities and strategic consultancy services and embark on a successful digital transformation journey. Together, we can optimize asset utilization, streamline operations, and drive sustainable growth for your organization.

The Evoort Edge

User-Friendly and Customizable Application

Our user-friendly application allows you to track crucial metrics and customize the system according to your specific needs.

Real-Time Asset Tracking

With Evoort, you can maintain real-time visibility of your assets, allowing you to track their location and status at any given time.

Comprehensive Maintenance Tool

Our fully-featured maintenance tool enables you to schedule tasks, issue service tickets, set up recurring maintenance, and more, streamlining your maintenance processes.

Data Management and Insights

We provide complete data management services, offering customized and actionable insights and reports to help you make informed decisions about your assets.

End-to-End Asset Management

Evoort offers an end-to-end asset management system that allows you to create purchase orders, service requests, service assignments, and asset retirement plans. It seamlessly integrates with popular productivity-enhancing tools, enhancing your overall asset management capabilities.

Benefits of Engaging with us

Real-Time Alerting

Customized real-time notifications for both mobile and fixed assets provide unparalleled transparency and keep you informed about asset activities.

Statutory Compliance

Our approach ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations, helping you meet all necessary requirements.

Improved Asset Utilization

Gain better visibility into asset usage, reducing downtime by tracking factors such as quality, cost, efficiency, and the residual life of resources.

Accurate Device Location

Easily identify the location of specific assets and visualize their placement on the floor map, improving operational efficiency.

Real-Time Usage Information

With Evoort, you have better control over asset availability, condition, and movement. This not only ensures compliance but also enables you to optimize asset utilization.

Quick Asset Audits

Our system provides auditors with detailed information, facilitating smooth and efficient asset audits.