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Evoort Smart Supply Chain Solution is a fast and reliable way to implement smart logistics applications for IoT enabling, allowing logistics providers to achieve high levels of fleet management capacity,product integrity and automated warehousing operation. Evoort offers a flexible, hardware-agnostic IoT architecture for connecting all possible assets — sensors, items, containers, equipment, vehicles, and employees — so that the entire logistics infrastructure can be tracked and managed as a consolidated business unit.

One of the greatest advantages of Evoort is highly responsive and skilled support services —which are definitely among the best on the market — provided by practiced experts in IoT as well as Big Data, embedded development, and enterprise software (ERP, BI, SCM, CRM) fields.

Building an IoT-powered supply chain management infrastructure, which is organically integrated with the existing enterprise software, could never be more straightforward.


  • Real-time fleet management
  • Smart labels
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Cargo integrity monitoring
  • Optimized warehouse workloads
  • Inventory tracking & analytics
  • End-to-end visibility into delivery process

How Evoort can help you

  • Local Operating Structure
  • Global Operating Structures
  • Partial Global Resource Planning/Controlling
  • Complete Global Resource Planning/Controlling
  • Open and Flexible Operations Footprints


  • High Efficiency Rate

    Having real – time data on the availability of raw materials and production delays allow businesses to introduce back plans, such as sourcing of materials from a backup source, avoiding more delays that would increase efficiency.

  • Improved Quality Control

    Through analyzing performance data, business may collaborate to maintain strict quality control with the highest –performing vendors or suppliers.

  • Collaboration

    Integrated software solutions eliminate bottlenecks and allow transparent information sharing, delivering end – to – end views of the supply chain.

  • Reduce Overhead Cost

    With more accurate demand forecasts, companies may minimize the overhead costs associated through storing slow – moving inventory.

  • Shipping Optimization

    Identifying the most efficient methods of transporting small parcels, large orders and other delivery situations help companies to get orders to consumers quicker while minimizing costs.