Energy Is A Major Business Expense And It’s Recurring

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Evoort’s Smart Energy Monitoring Solution is a comprehensive software package that helps enterprises and institutions to achieve significant improvements in efficient energy utilization while lowering conservation impacts, energy consumption and operating costs.

With real-time data collection via IoT sensors, Gateways, and Smart Energy Monitoring Platforms, IoT sensors enable gather data, model and visualize data, , and perform data analytics , thereby enabling significant energy-saving potential.

Our smart energy management system is intended to optimize energy usage, consequently enhancing utilization, lowering costs, forecasting maintenance requirements, and boosting the dependability of energy assets. It systematically collects energy data, allowing businesses to demonstrate dynamic performance against established objectives and discover discrepancies. This, in turn, ensures that operations are carefully managed and regulated and production is most energy-efficient and emission-efficient.


  • Smart Metering Solutions
  • Smart Grid Asset Monitoring
  • Smart Building Energy
  • Fault Management

How Evoort can help you?

  • To monitor energy consumption, and usage patterns, and escalate problems an AI-ML framework is used
  • Fits changing working situations all without human input to give tailored insights
  • Allows for quick implementation in 8-10 weeks and expansion to a variety of equipment.
  • Provides precise data on carbon emissions to promote adherence and sustainability.
  • Ensure faster realization of ROI


  • Reduce Energy Bills

    Advanced Metering Infrastructure takes greater control over energy costs and hence helps in efficient billing and energy planning.

  • Reduced OpEx

    Evoort’s EMS platform reduces energy used, optimizes the energy types and quantifies the savings in both cost and emissions. In our experience, most organizations are able to reduce their energy costs by at least 20%.

  • Lower carbon footprints

    With the help of an energy management system, your organization can reduce its carbon footprint.

  • Increased Energy Efficiency

    Gaining intelligence and control helps reduce downtime, extend asset lifetime, lower costs, and improve energy efficiency.

  • Quicker ROI

    Our smart technology allows you to better utilize your resources. Lower installation costs and significant savings from reduced energy use results in higher ROI.

  • Statutory Compliances

    Our solution helps achieve compliance with different energy management regulations.