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Analytics: Leading Automotive Electronics Manufacturer

Developed discrete event simulation-based design of a new manufacturing line to ensure required end-of-line throughput in steady state. Saved multi-million dollars in costly throughput loses arising from machine breakdowns, repair costs, unoptimized labor costs and in-process inventory costs.

Analytics: Large Retail Bank

Managed launch and operation of a consumer loyalty program for a bank for debit and credit cards products.

Analytics: B2B Telecom Company in APAC

Developed a behavioral lookalike modeling-based sales strategy for a B2B business of a telecommunications company. Helped them save 30% cost of sales by identifying the right target accounts and products to sell them.

Analytics: Global Luxury Hotel Chain

Developed and managed a new customer-acquisition targeting strategy based on psychographic data analysis. Helped achieve 20% lift in new guest contribution.

Analytics: Multi-national Power Company

Developed models to predict failures of transmission transformers using design of experiments techniques. Established optimized preventive maintenance schedules by developing statistical distributions for mean-time-between-failures (MTBF) and mean-time-to-repair (MTTR), thereby saving over $13M in equipment failure related costs.

IT Infrastructure: Leading Defense Data Analytics Company

Designed and delivered Next-Generation Firewall and networking solutions. Enhanced security and performance of the network throughput by 5X.

IT Infrastructure: Leading IT Service Provider

Developed and implemented an On-Demand Disaster Recovery Solution on the cloud to ensure business continuity and lowering TCO. The customer realized 70% savings over traditional disaster recovery solutions.

IT Infrastructure: Leading Pharma Company

Designed Multi-location Network transformation solution to deliver IT-OT Convergence. Helped customers to derive the best possible solution across multiple OEMs to achieve better performance and easy management across multiple locations with a single pane of glass.

ERP: RISE with SAP for multiple CPG organizations

SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud plays a crucial role in streamlining operations by centralizing financials, enhancing understanding, and mitigating operational risks. Evoort delivered 50% savings in implementation cost of SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud solutions by using a rapid implementation approach.

ERP: SAP Product Lifecycle Management Solutions for Multiple Industries

Implemented PLM solutions to seamlessly integrate development, design, prototyping, production, marketing, sales, and after-sales service to recycling for clients in automotive and automotive ancillary, Hi-tech, mining & minerals, manufacturing construction, and CPG industries.

ERP: SAP S/4HANA Business Transformation for Mining, Manufacturing and Distribution Clients

Provided strategic advisory consulting for SAP S/4HANA Business Transformation for Greenfield, Brownfield & Bluefield Implementation implementations. Helped control implementation costs, adopt best practices and minimize organizational change management related challenges.

ERP: SAP Digital Supply Chain Management for Discrete Industries

Implemented Digital Supply Chain Management solutions by integrating current Shopfloor-to-Mainfloor using Industry IoT or Industry 4.0 protocol. Delivered:

  • 90% faster delivery planning
  • 85% lift in transportation orders
  • Improved efficiency of integrated TM-EWM e-commerce solution by up to 45%
  • 50% faster order processing and product availability
  • Higher transparency in freight transportation and distribution costing process
  • Productivity benefits due to centralization of tariffs and charge management.
ERP: Small & Midsize Business Advisory Consulting for Multiple E-commerce Clients

Advisory consulting for small and mid-sized business to choose the right business applications system in order to improve the online shopper’s experience. The scope included seamless integration with different ecommerce platforms like Shopify / Magento / WooCommerce / Laravel (to provide real-time customer order processing status, inventory availability status, shipping and invoicing status) as well as overall process automation and enable maximum adoption.

ERP: SAP Business Planning & Consolidation for Discrete Industries

Used AI-generated forecasting to implement SAP Sales & Operational Planning functionality, thus enabling rapid adoption to market changes, improve rough-cut capacity planning and inventory turns, and reduce resource cost. Implemented Long-term planning to forecast and plan longer lead-time components. Also, implemented Demand Management and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) for short lead-time components and shopfloor planning.

ERP: Process automation using RPA

As part of multiple digital transformation implementations, closely work with the client to scope and roadmap overall digital transformation initiatives. This included Remote Process Automation, IoT Shopfloor integration, 3PL integrations for efficient Warehouse Management and Transportation Management. The functional scope included, but were not limited to, Planning Automation, Production Order Capacity Planning, Picking/Packing automation, freight calculation, accounts payable and receivables etc.

IoT: A Leading Textile Chemical Manufacturer

A comprehensive IoT solution has been deployed across five plants. This integrated system collects data from various sources, including barcode tracking, SAP for product quality, OPC for process and CBM parameters, and HMI for operator traceability. The system enables real-time 15 KPI tracking, machine learning predictions for fuel consumption and product quality at the roll level, process traceability, anomaly detection, and monitoring of energy consumption, utility, and CBM parameters. It also provides alerts for process anomalies and control limit violations, enhancing operational efficiency and product quality. Additionally, the implementation includes the creation of over 65 reports and dashboards, offering comprehensive insights and data visualization for better decision-making.

IoT: A Leading Automotive Company

A robust IoT solution has reshaped operations, achieving BS6 compliance, enhancing productivity, and optimizing energy usage. It seamlessly integrates data from 12 sources, including barcode tracking, SAP operations, RFID, and energy monitoring. This comprehensive system offers real-time insights through 18+ KPIs, ensuring efficient part traceability, SOP adherence, productivity analysis, energy management, and CBM warnings. Additionally, the implementation introduces 26+ new hardware components, such as HMI's, sensors, scanners, and more, without disrupting the existing PLC network. It empowers decision-makers with 22+ reports and dashboards, facilitating data-driven improvements across the board.

IoT: A Leading Consumer Goods/FMCG Company

By adopting a lean and edge-driven approach, the organization ensured continuous availability of industrial operations data within its existing top-tier IT system, delivering valuable insights to all stakeholders. Challenges included disparate data silos and control systems in processing and packaging, high costs for MES expansion, manual data collection hindering preventative maintenance, and insufficient real-time data for production performance analysis. With a no-code integration and Edge Analytics platform, facilitated real-time KPI computation, streamlined data flow, and enabled automated machine condition monitoring. The result was substantial cost savings, enhanced operational intelligence, and accelerated value realization from operations data.