The Future Of Retail: The Connected Store


Retail is experiencing major disruption as the balance of influence shifts to the consumer. Empowered customers, an active competitive landscape, new commitment models, disintegration in the industry, and a developing technology landscape have created turbulent conditions for all players. The key to maintaining leadership lies in making “Meaningful Customer Experiences” and associating with customers at each step of the journey transcending physical and virtual boundaries.

Retailers are embracing IoT solutions through several applications that help in improving store operations, theft reduction, increasing purchases through cross-selling, allowing precise inventory management, and most significant to improve the consumer’s shopping experience. The IoT is allowing physical retailers to strive more strongly against online challengers, recover lost market share and continually attract customers into the store, thus creating easier for them to buy more while saving money.

Evoort’s retail IoT solution allows for rapidly implement required applications for tracking goods with RFID tags, ensuring item's on-shelf availability, utilizing Bluetooth beacons to provide customers with a personalized mobile shopping experience, and setting up digital signage in the store to attract visitors and help them navigate through your products, discounts, and loyalty programs.


  • Maintaining inventory accuracy
  • Predictive Maintenance of store facilities
  • Supply Chain inventory tracking
  • Smart Supply Chain Optimization
  • Smart Operations
  • Smart tags,Smart Shelves

How Evoort can Help You?

To produce end-to-end solutions, we rely on our strong technical experience and partner ecosystem. Evoort provides a wide range of offerings including strategic advice, device supply, sensor installation, and infrastructure maintenance.

  • Specifying transformation needs.
  • Creating a proof-of-concept.
  • Developing a minimum viable product.
  • Solution scaling and optimization.
  • Analyzing consumer behaviour and gain meaningful insights with a user-friendly interface that displays all relevant indicators.
  • Connect your retail objectives with consumer demand to open new revenue growth prospects for your business.


  • Developing powerful customer insights

    The Internet of Things technology provides retailers with powerful new insights into the nature of customer experience, brand value and dwell time, shop path, etc.

  • Create Engaging Customer Experience

    IoT tools can enable retailers to better understand their customers and market, allowing them to react quickly.

  • Monitor People Places & Things

    Sensors, tags, and smart devices allow retailers to track the movement of customers and staff through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Beacon, etc. Track real-time stock levels with RFID tags and system warnings to remind workers of low-floor stock.

  • Increase ROI

    Retail analytics help to calculate investment returns across different aspects of business management.

  • Real – time inventory Visibility

    IoT – enabled retail system offers a stock–wide inventory of precision and real-time. Supports reordering and rearranging events in good time.

  • Mobile point of sale Integration

    Offer a mobile point of sale for faster checkout and endless aisle capabilities.