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Business Process Transformation involves incrementally or disruptively changing the components of your processes to meet renewed/redefined business objectives. Such new goals are typically based on a new application of digital transformation. You can modernize your processes, incorporate new technology, save costs, and better integrate your core systems using this process transformation methodology.

Business Process Automation (BPA) helps to perform repetitive, mundane, tasks, freeing human capital to focus on more complex, creative and less repetitive tasks.

Evoort’s BPA platform enables enterprise-wide planning and execution of the software, combining silo processes, systems, and data developing internal adaption and scale capacities, and more importantly, creating business value and competition.


  • BPA Planning
  • BPA Strategy
  • BPA Execution
  • Automation Advisory

How Evoort can Help You?

Evoort provides business process automation for core operations such as CRM, Marketing, Human Resources, and Procurement. By providing businesses with customized BPA solutions, Evoort enables them to ramp up and streamline their business processes

  • Competence: With extensive technical competence and years of practice, our team is well-prepared to address your automation needs with the most effective solutions.
  • Commitment: Our committed and expertly trained workforce operates persistently to assure that our customers receive on-time, error-free solutions, everytime.
  • Credibility: We are 100% focused on providing our customers with the most effective and technologically proven solutions possible. Our team adheres to best practice execution standards and processes.
  • Collaboration: Our experts collaborate closely with our customers to provide customized servicing and enduring partnerships.
  • Client Contentment: Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we fully accept the duty of giving you more for your investment while keeping you ahead of your competitors.


  • Better Workforce Allocation

    Automating tasks enables your business to free your workforce from many repetitive actions that do not require much human intervention.

  • Better Collaboration

    Automating the business process will make it easier to track the project process, update different teams, and set goals and timelines.

  • Deeper insights into Business Processes:

    You can analyze and dig deeper into the data by handling business information computationally. Automating the business process helps you to gain deeper insight into various aspects of your company

  • Cost Reduction

    Depend more on the quality rather than quantity of your worker and eventually reduce the overall operating cost.

  • Accuracy Improvement

    Integrating BPA at certain stages of the business process will reduce or eliminate the possibility of human error.