Infrastructure Solutions


Datacenter Solutions are essential components of modern IT infrastructure. They form the foundation upon which organizations build their networks and establish robust security frameworks. At Evoort Solutions, we specialize in providing comprehensive DataCenter Solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of businesses.

With our expertise, we assist clients in setting up their primary network infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity and optimized performance. Our DataCenter Solutions encompass hardware, software, and security measures that enable organizations to effectively manage their IT operations.

Many companies opt for DataCenter or On-Premise solutions over public cloud offerings due to specific factors. One such factor is regulatory compliance requirements. Our DataCenter Solutions provide an easier, if not the only, way for organizations to meet their regulatory obligations while maintaining control over their data and systems.

Our Approach

Moreover, organizations handling sensitive information such as confidential documents, intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII), medical records, or financial data often choose On-Premise infrastructure solutions. These solutions ensure that critical data remains secure within their premises, offering enhanced protection against potential threats.

At Evoort Solutions, we strive to deliver reliable, scalable, and efficient DataCenter Solutions that empower businesses to optimize their IT infrastructure. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to understand their specific needs and design customized solutions that align with their goals.

Partnering with us for your DataCenter needs means gaining access to cutting-edge technology, industry best practices, and exceptional support. We are committed to providing reliable DataCenter Solutions that enable businesses to achieve their objectives, enhance security, and streamline their IT operations.


Software Defined Datacentre

We offer Software Defined Datacentre solutions that enable organizations to virtualize and abstract their infrastructure, providing flexibility, scalability, and centralized management. With our expertise in software-defined technologies, we empower businesses to optimize resource utilization and streamline their datacentre operations.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

Our Hyperconverged Infrastructure solutions combine compute, storage, and networking resources into a single integrated platform. By eliminating silos and simplifying management, HCI enables organizations to achieve greater agility and scalability while reducing complexity and cost.

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Our Software Defined Networking solutions revolutionize traditional network architectures by decoupling the control plane from the underlying infrastructure. With SDN, organizations can dynamically manage and automate network configurations, enhancing agility, scalability, and security.

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Our Software Defined WAN solutions provide businesses with a cost-effective and efficient approach to managing their wide-area networks. By leveraging software-defined principles, SD-WAN optimizes network performance, improves application delivery, and enhances security across multiple locations.

Edge and Application Specific Servers

We offer Edge and Application Specific Servers designed to meet the unique requirements of edge computing and specialized workloads. These servers deliver high performance, low latency, and enhanced security, enabling organizations to process data closer to the source and achieve optimal performance for their critical applications.

Data Resiliency and Backup Solution

Our Data Resiliency and Backup Solution ensures that your critical data is protected and readily recoverable in the event of data loss or system failure. With robust backup and recovery mechanisms, we help organizations mitigate risks and maintain business continuity.

Business Continuity

We provide comprehensive Business Continuity solutions that enable organizations to minimize downtime and ensure continuous operations. From disaster recovery planning to failover systems, we help businesses establish resilient infrastructures that can withstand unforeseen events and disruptions.

At Evoort Solutions, we are committed to delivering innovative and reliable Datacenter Solutions that address the evolving needs of modern organizations. With our expertise and industry-leading technologies, we empower businesses to optimize their datacentre operations, enhance resiliency, and achieve their strategic objectives.

The Evoort Edge

By combining extensive experience, strong OEM partnerships, cross-vertical expertise, rapid implementation capabilities, Evoort sets itself apart as a trusted provider of datacenter solutions.

Extensive Experience

With robust experience in the industry, Evoort's specialists have a deep understanding of datacenter solutions. We bring extensive knowledge and expertise to design, implement, and maintain datacenter solutions tailored to our customers' specific needs. Our wealth of experience ensures that we deliver reliable and efficient solutions that meet industry standards and best practices.

Strong OEM Partnerships

Evoort has established excellent relationships with top-tier Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). These partnerships enable us to bring the best-in-class technology solutions to our clients. By leveraging our relationships with leading OEMs, we ensure that our clients have access to the latest and most innovative datacenter technologies available in the market.

Cross-Vertical Expertise

Our expertise extends across various industries, allowing us to deliver turn-key solutions for specific verticals such as SAP, IoT, and Data Analytics. We understand the unique requirements and challenges of different industries and can provide tailored datacenter solutions that address specific business needs. Our cross-vertical expertise ensures that our customers receive solutions that are aligned with their industry standards and regulations.

Rapid Implementation

We understand the importance of time-to-market and the need for rapid implementation. Our team works closely with our clients to develop a business strategy, migration strategy, and roadmap that aligns with their goals. By streamlining the implementation process and leveraging our expertise, we ensure that datacenter solutions are deployed efficiently and effectively, minimizing disruptions, and maximizing productivity.

Benefits of Engaging with us

Enhanced Security and Compliance

On-premise Datacenters offer comprehensive visibility, enabling better control and compliance for applications and infrastructure. You can have peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and meets regulatory requirements.

Low Latency Access

Datacenter solutions enable easy and cost-effective setup of low latency networks and application access. This ensures smooth and fast data transmission, enhancing the performance of critical business processes.

Edge Computing Capabilities

With Datacenter solutions, you can leverage edge computing, which brings data processing closer to the source. This enables real-time analytics and faster decision-making, resulting in improved operational efficiency and better insights.

Simplified Software-Defined Infrastructure

Software-defined Datacenter solutions offer ease of management and flexibility. By abstracting the underlying hardware, you can achieve greater agility and availability with minimal intervention. This simplifies infrastructure management and allows for faster adaptation to changing business needs.

Agility and Flexibility

Datacenter solutions empower organizations to rapidly deploy new applications, services, and infrastructure. This agility enables you to stay ahead of the competition, respond quickly to market demands, and seize new opportunities.

Business Continuity and Data Resiliency

Datacenter solutions help you build data resilience and ensure business continuity. By leveraging hybrid cloud concepts, you can create redundant and backup systems, safeguarding your data and applications against disruptions and minimizing downtime.

By adopting Datacenter solutions, you can enjoy enhanced security and compliance, low latency access, edge computing capabilities, simplified infrastructure management, agility, and flexibility, as well as business continuity and data resiliency. These benefits enable you to optimize your IT infrastructure and drive your business forward with confidence.