Digital Manufacturing Industrial Iot (INDUSTRY 4.0)

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Digital transformation is disrupting businesses in every industry by breaking down barriers between digital and physical worlds. Take control of your data and then utilize it wisely. Move computing to your digital data to save decision time while eliminating the cost and danger of transmitting information to the cloud. Discover correlations in your data to establish causality, correlations, trends or hidden patterns , and maximize productivity and predictability.
Our Industry 4.0 solution helps manufacturers to link multiple production lines and devices, collect data from multiple different sources at different production points, and build technologies such as remote monitoring, edge analytics, predictive maintenance, and virtual twins.
We provide strategic consultancy to assist clients in developing a long-term strategy before commencing a digital journey. This comprises maturity evaluation, identifying digital opportunities, and developing a technology and execution strategy.


  • Condition Based Maintenance
  • Equipment Health – Predictive Maintenance
  • Energy Optimization
  • Process & Product Traceability
  • Remote Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Overall Equipment/Line/Plant Effectiveness (OEE/OLE/OPE)
  • Connected Machines and Connected Factories
  • Workforce Tracking & Productivity

How Evoort can help you?

  • Establish a digital transformation roadmap to ensure the development of business in alignment with the changing digital landscape.
  • Provide consulting, assessment, implementation and support of specific digital manufacturing transformation solutions.
  • Reduce downtime while increasing manufacturing performance and service delivery.
  • Connect your devices, employees, and workflows gaining access to new data-driven capabilities.
  • Offer prescriptive, scalable, and proven solutions delivering maximum business impact.
  • Open and an agnostic development framework: Share details and insights through different platforms.
  • Functional and market versatility: Automatically respond to unexpected events with highly adaptive implementations.
  • Digital Ecosystems: Backup your commitment in a multidisciplinary technology partner ecosystem.


  • Optimizing Machine Utilization

    Integration with machine data and analysis of their safety and operating status allows improved machine utilization

  • Prediction & Preventive Failures

    Through predictive analytics, maintenance can be proactively controlled, and operational performance can be increased by detecting the risk of a failure before it happens.

  • Optimizing Maintenance Cycles

    Identify bottlenecks using cycle analysis and history of downtime to create value from data digitization by production managers.

  • On-time Anomaly Alerting

    Provide real-time alerts for anomalies to eliminate unscheduled downtime, which saves cost and improves service delivery.

  • Improving Machine Performance

    Real-time monitoring of machines and processes and ensuring optimum performance to improve production throughput.