In several industries with high-complexity, interdependent processes such as manufacturing, utilities, transportation, industrial automation, telecom, government, healthcare and consumer goods, professional technology operators concur that vital data required for decision-making is only available at a time-lag, diminishing the value of data. A real-time, high-availability, self-serve IoT Analytics platform enables business and functional users to transform IoT data into timely knowledge. Utilizing integrated real-time monitoring and predictive advanced analytics, users can analyze, predict / forecast and act upon the rich insights provided by their IoT data.


Digital transformation is disrupting businesses in every industry by breaking down barriers between digital and physical worlds. Take control of your data and then utilize it wisely. Move computing to your digital data to save decision time while eliminating the cost and danger of transmitting information to the cloud. Discover correlations in your data to establish causality, correlations, trends or hidden patterns , and maximize productivity and predictability.