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Data Science & Business Intelligence


Evoort is at the forefront of next-generation data and analytics, empowering businesses to achieve sustainable growth by enhancing sales, reducing costs, and improving customer/user experiences. As a dynamic and technology-driven organization, we bring extensive analytics expertise across various industries, offering tailored data-to-outcomes solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

Our comprehensive suite of services covers the entire data analytics spectrum, from data solutions to predictive/prescriptive and descriptive modeling, as well as end-to-end implementation of data-to-analytics solutions. We are not just data miners; we delve deeper to uncover hidden insights and provide our clients with world-class analytics capabilities.

Our offerings are aimed at ensuring our clients realize tangible outcomes at the end of through the engagement.
  1. Data Realm: Wide Range of Data and Data-led Services - We offer an extensive portfolio of data services, enabling our clients to leverage diverse data sources and maximize their potential for informed decision-making. From data collection and cleaning to data integration and enrichment, we provide comprehensive solutions to unlock the true value of data.
  2. Analytics Realm: Powerful Statistical and AI/ML Models - Our team of experts excels in developing robust and honest-to-science statistical models as well as cutting-edge AI/ML algorithms. By leveraging advanced analytics techniques, we help our clients uncover patterns, make accurate predictions, and derive actionable insights for driving business growth.
  3. ROI Realm: Implementation Support for Value Realization - We go beyond delivering analytical models and solutions by offering full implementation support. Our dedicated professionals work closely with clients to ensure seamless integration of analytics into their business processes, facilitating the realization of value and tangible outcomes.

At Evoort, we are committed to empowering our clients with transformative analytics capabilities that drive sustainable business growth. With our expertise and focus on data-to-outcomes, we enable organizations to harness the full potential of their data and achieve their strategic objectives.

Our Offerings

Our comprehensive offerings in data and analytics cover a wide range of areas to address the specific needs of our clients. We provide the following services:

  1. Predictive Equipment Maintenance:
    Utilizing classical statistics, advanced analytics, and machine learning techniques to predict equipment failures and optimize maintenance schedules, reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency.
  2. AI/ML-based Document Data Extraction:
    Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to automate the extraction of relevant information from documents, streamlining data entry processes and improving accuracy.
  3. HR Analytics
    Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to automate the extraction of relevant information from documents, streamlining data entry processes and improving accuracy.
  4. Contact Center Performance Analytics
    Providing holistic and actionable insights into contact center performance to enable optimize contact metrics, drive operational efficiencies maximize contact center throughput.

  1. Customer / Risk Profiling
    Utilizing classical statistics, advanced analytics, and machine learning techniques to predict equipment failures and optimize maintenance schedules, reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency.
  2. Customer Lifetime Value Modeling
    Predicting the potential value of customers over their entire relationship with the business, enabling personalized marketing and customer retention strategies.
  3. Cross-sell Modeling
    Identifying cross-selling opportunities by analyzing customer purchase patterns and preferences, facilitating targeted cross-selling campaigns.
  4. Digital Analytics/Direct Marketing/Loyalty Analytics
    Analyzing digital marketing campaigns, website traffic, and customer loyalty data to optimize marketing strategies and enhance customer engagement.
  5. Campaign Analytics & Campaign Management
    Measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and managing campaign execution to drive desired outcomes.

  1. Demand Forecasting
    Utilizing historical data and statistical models to forecast future demand, enabling better inventory management and supply chain planning.
  2. Inventory Optimization
    Analyzing inventory levels, demand patterns, and supply chain dynamics to optimize inventory holdings, minimizing costs while ensuring availability.
  3. Collections Analytics
    Applying analytics techniques to collections data to improve collections efficiency and optimize debt recovery processes.
  4. Bad Debt Provisioning
    Analyzing credit risk and delinquency data to accurately estimate severe debt provisions and enhance financial forecasting.

  1. Manufacturing Throughput Analysis & Design
    Using traditional Industrial Engineering approaches and techniques, as well as computer-based discrete event simulation methods to analyze production data and process flows to maximize manufacturing throughput, identify bottlenecks, and improve overall production efficiency.

  1. Enterprise Dashboard Design, Development, Implementation and Maintenance
    Creating interactive dashboards that provide a comprehensive view of key performance indicators (KPIs) and facilitate data-driven decision-making across the organization.

With our specialized offerings in operational analytics, customer and marketing analytics, supply chain and procurement analytics, engineering, and business intelligence, we empower organizations to leverage their data assets to drive strategic decision-making, improve operational efficiency, and achieve their business objectives.


As ardent proponents of hard analytics, we stand apart in the crowded ‘analytics-as-a-service’ space because our practice is envisioned on the principles of uncompromising adherence to the first principles of sound analytics.

With vast experience across multiple industries, our team operates at the forefront of cutting-edge analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, pushing boundaries where traditional solutions may fall short. Continuously exploring innovative approaches and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we go beyond the norm to provide advanced insights that lead to impactful outcomes.

Our solutions are tailored to your specific business needs and are built using your own data. By leveraging your data, we create solutions that align perfectly with your unique business realities and deliver the most relevant and accurate insights.

We are committed to being long-term partners in your success. Whether it is ongoing descriptive analytics, predictive modelling, machine learning/AI models, we provide continuous enhancements and support to ensure that our solutions evolve and stay relevant as your business context changes. We are dedicated to delivering sustained benefits throughout the lifetime of our deployed solutions.

Our goal is to deliver solutions that achieve benefits far outweighing your investments in them. By embedding highly contextualized, industry-specific analytics solutions directly into your processes, we enable seamless value creation. Our robust technological foundation ensures that our solutions deliver tangible value and drive sustainable business growth.

With our focus on innovation, ongoing support, and focus on value creation, we provide unique and impactful data and analytics solutions that drive sustainable business growth and deliver meaningful results.


With our end-to-end solutions, focus on tangible outcomes, scalability, and flexible engagement model, we ensure that our partnership with you is tailored to deliver maximum value and drive your success.

Comprehensive End-to-End Solutions

Our holistic approach covers the entire spectrum of data and analytics, from problem/opportunity identification to solution design, solution development, deployment and monitoring and performance reporting.

Tangible outcomes-led approach

We focus on delivering measurable business outcomes by constructing flexible, resilient, and scalable data and analytics solutions. Our goal is to uncover hidden value and ensure that our solutions drive tangible results for your organization.

Scalability and expertise

As a lean and agile practice, we bring together a team of experienced data scientists and technologists who specialize in data science, transformation, and technology strategy. With a proven track record, we are dedicated to building and delivering high-quality, high-impact solutions that scale with your business.

Flexible Engagement Model

We understand that each organization has unique requirements and preferences. That is why we offer flexible and customized engagement models. Whether you need a short-term project with a fixed-cost model, a long-term partnership with a fixed headcount model, a transaction-based pricing model, or an outcomes-based / gain-share model, we are prepared to collaborate in a way that suits your needs.