Evoort’s next-generation data and analytics for driving sustainable business growth that delivers trifecta of business goals: enhance sales, reduce cost and improve customer/user experience.As an agile technology-led organization with rich analytics expertise across industries, we offer end-to-end bespoke, data-to-outcomes solutions for large, medium, and small enterprise clients. Evoort provides services ranging from data solutions to predictive/prescriptive and descriptive modelling and data-to-analytics implementation As hard data miners, we go above and beyond the obvious too:
1. Enable world-class analytics for our clients through a wide range of data and data-led services.
2. Develop powerful and meaningful statistical and AI/ML models.
3. Provide an implementation support of bespoke analytics solutions to the point of value-realization for the clients.


  • Data migration and infrastructure setup
  • Data engineering
  • Data layer development
  • Data governance
  • Operational Analytics
  • Customer & Marketing Analytics
  • Supply Chain / Procurement Analytics
  • Commercial Analytics
  • Engineering
  • Insights Delivery
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Cloud-based Services

How Evoort can Help?

  • As a technology-led, data-led and insights-hungry team over 10 years of cross-industry experience, we operate at the edge where standard, black-box solutions fail to deliver.
  • Our data and analytics solution truly work for you because they are built using your data assets and are deployed embedded into your processes.
  • We differentiate ourselves from every other analytics practitioner in that we choose to be stay invested in your business as you reap benefits from our solutions. Whether it is ongoing descriptive analytics or customer predictive or forecasting model build, or insights delivery solution build on a visualization platform, we promise to provide ongoing enhancements and support.
  • As a result, the solution undergoes metamorphoses to stay relevant as your business context changes. In other words, our solutions continued benefits through their deployed lifetime.
  • Over the years, we have helped clients achieve non-linear benefits through the use of technology and insights. Our robust technological foundation, along with highly contextualized industry-specific analytics solutions embedded directly inside our clients’ processes ensures that value is delivered to them seamlessly.
  • Moreover, value creation happens by leveraging the client’s data assets, hence the client retains control of the end solution that is implemented.


  • End- to End Solutions

    We offer a holistic approach aimed at achieving a specific outcome: identify issues, outline the solutions, determine how to enable the solutions, how data may help, execution, assess effectiveness, upgrade and continue.

  • Tangible Outcomes–led approach

    Uncovering hidden value by constructing flexible, resilient, and scalable data & analytics solutions that can deliver a tangible business outcome.

  • Scalability

    We are a lean data and analytics-led and technology-enabled practice. Our data scientists and technologists with proven track record in Data Science, Transformation and Technology Strategy are passionate about building and delivering high-quality, high impact solutions.

  • Flexible engagement model

    We offer flexible, customized engagement approaches to ensure partnership with us works for you. Be it a short-term project (fixed-cost model) or a longer term requirement (fixed headcount model) or transaction-based model (UTP – unit transaction pricing) or outcomes-based model (gain-share model), we are happy to engage in a model that works best for you.