Evoort offers comprehensive service and expertise to enable you to get the most from cloud technology. We recognize the value of a hybrid, multi-cloud strategy, and our cloud services are built around our clients and deployed on the architecture that perfectly matches their business requirements. We can assist you in developing and executing a cloud-first approach and managing your infrastructure, data, applications, and infrastructure safely and effectively, whether you are looking for a public, private or hybrid cloud. We can assist you in smoothly deploying and moving your mobile application operations to cloud, with the flexibility to adjust infrastructure on-the-go.


  • Cloud Security And Optimization
  • Disaster Recovery On Demand On Cloud
  • Backup Strategies Through Cloud

How Evoort can Help?

  • Assist the customer in completing the cloud journey from evaluation to implementation to security and management.
  • Other than cloud, reliable, industry-bespoke cloud services cut across all business verticals such as SAP, Data Analytics, IoT, and WebAPP.
  • Collaborations with industry-best-in-class cloud platforms provide deep technological competence and customer-centric offerings.
  • Managed Services that address all Cloud migration and modernization services.

How Evoort can Help?

  • Reduce risk

    Reduce the likelihood of failure by using tried-and-true approaches and methodologies.

  • Secure

    With a digital self-service approach,you can secure cloud governance, compliance, and visibility throughout your IT ecosystem.

  • IT Cost Reduction

    You don't have to invest money innmaintaining a huge in-house IT team.

  • Faster Flexibility and Scalability

    One of the primary benefits of shifting to the cloud is the potential to grow fast and without the need for upfront infrastructure expenditure.

  • Better business engagement and teamwork

    Cloud-based solutions can assist you in improving business engagement and collaboration with your staff and customers.