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With Remote Assistance Platform, you can commit to the quickest service call response time.

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Our remote assistance platform based on Augmented Reality technology offers mobility and is developed to boost real-time remote access and collaborative processes across a variety of industrial sectors, ranging from energy to manufacturing, medical to logistics and services. Companies who utilize Remote Assistance see higher operational efficiency, enhanced interaction, near-zero mistakes, greater efficacy of skills training due to virtual simulation, and improved customer service. In every sector, the job of field service technicians is critical. Any minor issue in the field that is not addressed properly might cost the firm millions of dollars. So, it's time to say goodbye to poor support calls and look for the appropriate technology to help you simplify operations, boost first-time repair rates, and reduce needless service expenses. Imagine if everyone in your business could get professional advice, they needed to do any work with ease at any time.

Consider how helpful it would be if that knowledge, whether live or in an AR instruction, was very intuitive and available on any device. Consider the possibility that everyone’s performance might be monitored, assessed, and improved. That reality is the Remote Assistance Platform. Remote assistance delivers real-time specialist assistance and training materials on any device, at any time. Begin with checklists and progress to remote expert consultation in the same session—both in an AR-enabled setting. Alternatively, as appropriate, an expert can add AR work instructions or training information to a support conversation.

Using an easy UI, create step-by-step work instructions with AR—no development expertise, scripting, or coding required. Include checklist items to record, validate, and improve how everyone works.