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How ERP Helps Manage Products from Start to Finish

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are super important for businesses. They help make things run smoother and better. Usually, people think ERP is just for things like money, people, and supply chains. But ERP has a big impact on how products are managed from the beginning to the end. 

Product Management Life Cycle with ERP is the journey a product takes from being an idea to being done. This includes coming up with the idea, planning, making the product, launching it, and what happens after. 

ERP systems are great because they help with every step of this journey. They help make decisions based on data, they help teams work together, and they make sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish. 

Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) is all about managing a product from when it's just an idea to when it's not used anymore. It's about making sure the product is good, innovative, and that everything runs well. 

ERP and PLM are different, but they work together. They focus on different things but when they work together, they make everything work better. 

Here's how ERP helps with each step of the product life cycle: 

• Ideas and Planning:

ERP uses data to help make decisions about what products to make and how to sell them. It looks at things like what customers want and what other companies are doing. This helps make sure new products will be successful. 

Planning and Using Resources:

ERP helps decide how to use money, people, and time to make products. It helps different parts of a company work together so things happen smoothly and on time. 

Making and Testing

ERP helps teams work together to make products. It makes it easier to share information and updates, so everyone knows what's going on. 

Making and Delivering Products

ERP is great at managing how products are made and delivered. It helps make sure there's enough of everything (like materials and workers) and that products are made and delivered on time. 

Launching and Selling

ERP helps plan how to sell products. It helps with things like marketing and making sure products are available when customers want them. 

Looking Back and Improving

After a product is launched, ERP helps look at how well it's doing. It helps find ways to make the product better and more successful. 

ERP is an important for managing products. It helps with every step of the journey, from coming up with ideas to selling products. Evoort Solutions can help companies be more innovative, bring products to market faster, and be more successful in a competitive market using ERP solutions and PLM.