The internet of energy (IOE)

The internet of energy (IOE)

The internet of energy (IOE) explains how to control and monitor energy usage.

The measurement of the energy consumption of the systems is the foundation for increasing the energy efficiency of the industrial plants.

Because energy is one of the leading operating costs in a manufacturing plant, increased energy efficiency can also significantly increase productivity. Monitoring the use of energy and translating energy data into a relevant context is the basis for the effective optimisation of energy consumption. The energy monitoring system operates a process that routineizes energy data as a framework for the removal of waste, the avoidance and regulation of current energy consumption levels and the improvement of the existing working method. Our integrated cloud – based energy management system platform helps you to track, control and evaluate energy use at a single location.
Whether it is fuel, steam, gas or water have a count on it – Extract, Save, Analyze and Visualize meter data for considerable OPEX savings. Leverage IoT strength with a combination of sensor, gateways and the Intelligent Energy Monitoring and Management Platform. IoT sensors gather data in real time, data processing, data visualization and data analytics for actionable insight.


  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Detect Abnormality in Consumption
  • Optimize Cost
  • Get Real – time Energy Insights
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Boost Facility Performance
  • Increase ROI
  • Predict Future Energy Needs
  • Reduce Electricity Demand Charge
  • Trace Energy Capabilities
  • Identify Unnecessary Equipment Operations

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