IOT based Energy monitoring system guarantees payback of 8 months ! “IF YOU CAN’T MEASURE IT, YOU CAN’T MANAGE IT” – It became more relevant in today’s context where data-driven decisions are prevalent. The fundamental goal of energy management is to produce goods and provide services with the least cost and least environmental effect. Our energy management software platform and energy monitoring equipment offers an interpretation and measurement of the energy consumption of industrial and public property. We provide not only insight into energy consumption but also comprehensive guidelines for large –scale changes in energy efficiency and smart savings. Optimize. Innovate. Save. – with our IOT based Energy Monitoring and Management solution. We bring an Integrated Approach to Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing Systems – Quantitative Analysis and Optimization


Energy Dashboards

Online Data Screens increase awareness about energy conservation and help improve behaviours to reduce excessive energy consumption and minimize carbon emission.

Energy Overview

You will find an analysis of energy consumption and control in customizable digital displays. Energy patterns and specifications offer visibility into your building or industrial energy efficiency

Productivity Analysis

Not only do we measure data such as indoor CO2 rates, temperature, humidity and even noise levels, but also estimate efficiency loss due to high indoor CO2 concentrations and temperature discomfort. Real – time data and
figures are shown for defined periods of time.

Insight For All Locations At A Time

Our position maps help you to test the progress of your project, identify buildings with positive and negative patterns. It’s also an overview of activity of your measuring devices and system of heating control.

Load Charts

Heat maps offer detailed information on the building’s ventilation, power, humidity and air quality in terms of time and date.

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