Reduce repair journeys, boost customer service and take direct care of the heavy machinery and facilities from anywhere at any moment!

The basic problem in manufacturing for machine builders is the pace at which they will react with machine service in the event of failure.

Many questions arise: How do you handle automated equipment in an effective manner? How can you get a clear overview of the parameters from your devices? How do you keep track of remote machinery/ equipment without visiting every day?

If the consumers need after – sales support, they want their issue to be addressed with a minimum of time. So many service requests require lengthy and time – consuming on- site trips.

Not only can you track and manage ( start/stop) your machines and devices, you can also remotely programme or customize an advanced PLC controller.

With so many options, the main challenge left for equipment manufacturers is to integrate best – in – class solutions quickly and reliably. For example , a myriad of PLCs, controllers and sensors are available for controlling machines and tracking variables such as temperature, pressure, or strain. IoT systems need to be able to connect to a wide range of Edge devices with proprietary protocols and data formats.

Key Challenges:

  • Highlight elevated risk that lead machine downtime
  • Lost productivity due to machine breakdown
  • Unable to optimize the periodic maintenance operations
  • Difficult to monitor and assist with user operations to troubleshoot problems,resolve service events which results in delayed response and incurring expensive travel cost
  • Costly maintenance for any delays in equipment maintenance or production line problems can kill the bottom line
  • Difficult to make decisions about the health and performance of equipment
  • Monitor remote facility performance
  • Integrity of data due to remote access
  • The network’s cybersecurity

The future opportunities for equipment manufacturers

Now imagine a world where machines can be remotely controlled, offering an unparalleled level of service. What if you were able to show that the promise threshold was met and you could show it? What if you could minimize on-site visits by 10-20 percent? What if you could see real – time machine data and get alert to potential problems before any impending issue arises.

Beyond service response is the ability to predict and even avoid breakdowns that have a significant impact on the manufacturing cycle by evaluating and analyzing the data generated. Predictive maintenance ensures that machinery can study the available data, identify any anomalies or historical patterns, and service the devices in anticipation of a problem that occurs, and limit the impact.

To Recap

IIoT offers real – time access to companies in remote and outsourced operations, which helps businesses to make data – driven decisions and implement best practices to improve the efficiency and remote activities and reduce operational costs. However, it is not short and simple to carry out an IIoT solution. In order to reap the rewards, an organization should consider potential drawbacks and figure out the right ways to overcome them.

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