Remote AR/VR based inspection to ensure continuity of business

Remote AR/VR based inspection to ensure continuity of business

Deployment of centralized real – time AR/VR based inspection using smart phone, tablets, smart glasses to better manage operational timelines as health and safety constraints threaten business continuity.

Industrial and engineering industries depend on high – quality inspections to ensure that their machinery and facilities follow industry requirements. These inspections help to improve efficiency, minimize risk and ensure protection.

Now, instead of welcoming an inspector through your door, they’re going to appear on your computer screen. Instead of driving them around the lab or record storage room, you will be leading them through electronics files and passing digital folders to them.

Remote Inspections will make it easier for specialists to view and access in real – time. The use of encrypted, cloud – based communication technologies on vendor sites offers authentication and high – quality video, audio, annotation, language translation, recording, documentation etc.

The specialists will walk the customer through the compliance process until the call is underway, Inspectors can use a number of tools and features to assist in the completion of the inspection.

The inspector will zoom to get a thorough look, use specialized markup software to make notes and point out items, capture images and videos for record purpose.

How Remote AR/VR based Inspections Benefits:

Save Time & Money

Achieve compliance

Better collaboration

Eliminate Wait Times

Ease of Use

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

Reduce Travel Cost

Increase safety

Improve Customer Satisfaction

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