Have you at any point woken in the night in a cold sweat thinking about whether your plant is utilizing more power than it should, putting you off guard when contrasted with your opposition? Regardless of whether your energy checking or energy management system is in operation, you may not have the requisite expertise to boost your efficiency and keep you competitive.

But it’s not important to lose sleep. Simple but effective incorporation of readily available data into plant can provide a whole new level of actionable information. Here’s what you wish to grasp.

Take Control of Energy Efficiency

You would need the ability to record on track data through multiple systems, including production data, to get the required perspective. As the old adage goes, If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. It implies that if you are able to measure something with a greater level of precision and compare it to the bottom line with production data, you will be able to manage it even easier.
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) tests the amount of production time that is truly productive.

Introducing Energy Performance for Manufacturing

Energy Efficiency is a complete solution that transforms data from a variety of sources into actionable information, enabling manufactures to reduce energy usage. The modular design allows business to get underway rapidly to address immediate needs, and the flexible approach can easily be expanded to satisfy emerging energy management needs.

Energy Performance Benefits

Energy Monitoring : Document energy use across the plant and identify consumption patterns; energy use by process, batch, change, and equipment status can be calculated and used as a benchmark for the implementation of a successful energy reduction strategy with realistic targets

Energy Utilization Analysis: Identify, correct and avoid excess energy consumption and waste. Identify a perfect amount of energy consumption. Determine the factors that contribute to high energy usage. Track energy consumption and monitor energy intensity KPIs to maintain a high level of energy output.

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