How RPA is impacting across industries

How RPA is impacting across industries

Robotic Process Automation is the use of automated bots to automate extremely repetitive routine processes.

Robotic workers simulate the basic actions that people will take when dealing with IT systems, the decisions they make, and the rational procedures they adopt, while communicating between various systems and applications.

Though RPA is embraced through sectors, a range of industries have taken the lead. Industries such as Banking and Finance,Insurance,Healthcare,Manufacturing,Oil and Gas,Logistics,Education,Automobile,Telecommunication,Hospitality and Retail are at the top on using RPA.Together, these sectors account for 66% of RPA spending.


45% of all work

activities can be automated

$2 trillion dollars

could be saved in workforce spending

6-9 Months

on average ROI for an RPA project

94% of CEOs

that have incorporated RPA believe
that it has increased the productivity

By 2025

25% of jobs will be robotized

RPA Business Benefits

Government and regulatory compliance

Virtual workforce 24x7x365

Productivity increase

Reduction of human error


Cost Reduction


Evoort’s RPA Services:

RPA Consulting

RPA Design and Development

RPA Implementation

Maintenance and Support

RPA Across Industries:







Banking & Finance



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