Connected processes, connected devices and connected goods are all known as core facets of an Industry 4.0 “Factory of the Future” approach. To date, most businesses have based investments in digitalization on leveraging asset – and operations- related data to enhance key operating areas such as durability of equipment , energy conservation and productivity in output.

Boost productivity for employees and plants. Minimize downtime and draw out improved operational efficiency. Ensure enforcement – and – health – in the whole workforce with the legislation. Connected Workers can help :

Eliminate Manual Processes to Maintain Conformity with Legislation

Automating activities such as repair and testing eliminates the mistakes created by paper – based processes thus having staff perform the job accurately and in a secure manner

Maximizing Accuracy and Performance

Drive out of your company greater production and productivity while enhancing the quality of both the workforce and operational metrics.

Minimize the cost of safety and prevent incidents

Simplify and preserve your protection procedures by streamlining essential data collection. Connected Worker offers the details you need to cut the cost and complexity of operational safety

Integrates your operation seamlessly

Secure systems that integrate plant, edge equipment and staff provide you with the control and visibility you need, without the expensive downtime.

Connected Worker 4.0

Key Challenges:

  • Unanticipated injuries in the workplace
  • Improve worker efficiency
  • Enhancing employee experience
  • Monitoring Workers
  • Maintaining worker health safety
  • Reducing the risk of errors
  • Improving data accuracy
  • Creating visibility in the process work status

Industry Leading Solution for the Connected Worker

Worker Productivity

  • Avoid Delays, Speed Up Activities
  • Allow the Workers Function Faster
  • Produce Predictable, Repeatable and Reliable Procedures
  • Deliver Greater Quality and Performance with Lower Operational Costs
  • Track active or productive hours

Worker Health & Safety

  • Real Time data of Health Parameters like heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate,blood oxygen saturation and body temperature
  • Reduce Health Injuries
  • Encourage Protective Actions
  • Everywhere, Anywhere Real – Time Warnings
  • Streamline Protection Procedures

Worker Compliance

  • Detects Hazardous Condition
  • Improved Regulatory Adherence
  • Collects, Store Data for Compliance Checks
  • Track whether social distancing is maintained
  • Contact tracing

Prescriptive Analytics

  • Allow Preventive Measures
  • Alerts When Security is Committed
  • Analyzes Multiple Sensors Data

Workforce Analytics

  • Predict and Avoid Possible Future Health Accidents
  • Maximize Real Time Efficiency and Protection
  • Root Out and Rectify Negative Performance Trends
  • Access Valuable Information Easily
  • Track Employee by zone wise in permitted premises
  • Employee movement data of whole day into the premise


Improved Safety and Decreased Incidents

Streamlined Field Operations

Improved Compliance

Lowered Vulnerability and unblocked Efficiency

Insight Driven Operations

Strengthened Workforce Experience

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