Bring your technicians and specialists together to fix your challenges quicker and more easily.

Complex technology, such as fully automated and semi – automated machinery or tele – operated devices, are being deployed in the heavy industrial and mineral extraction fields to increase productivity.

As a result, the repair and operation of these sophisticated devices is becoming a matter of concern. Operators/ technicians rely on professional assistance to maintain their device working. However, workers with those skills are not necessarily geographically situated in close proximity to the equipment/machine. The machinery is located in rural areas where manufacturing plants or mining sites may be based. Industry is particularly engaged in the use and advancement of technology to enable collaboration between field technician and expert.

Remote Assistance is a cross – platform industry 4.0 productivity application, rises above innovation and takes communication back to the days of ‘learning by doing’—when the ace skilled worker stood side-by-side an apprentice. AR maps job directions and professional collaboration directly to the object – so there is straightforward communication and no ambiguity. And session data offers us actionable insights.


Reduce Downtime with Instant and reliable on – the – ground assistance

This feature helps you to video – call your professional specialists who can easily direct you through the troubleshooting process by putting live markers or labels on your current field of view.

Boost the levels of Remote Resolution

Real – time visual collaboration helps the support engineer to direct end users through troubleshooting without unnecessary field trips, increase customer loyalty and reduce service costs.

Improve Uptime and Efficiency

Fix, restore and address problems more efficiently by allowing frontline staff to access real- time AR assistance from the most experienced team members which helps in increasing efficiency.

Get Rid of Paper Minimise Human Error Go Digital

Change on – site paper – based processes with automated guidnace that lead you through the process, improve efficiency and reduce the risk of error.

Record. Store. Review.

Recording functionality helps you to record videos and save them for potential assistance if immediated help is not available. You can share it with your collegues or SME’s for review.

Multi Language Support

Helps in assisting yo support international activities with multi – language assistance – allowing technicians and specialists from all over the world to operate collaboratively in their original or preferred language.

To Recap

Application encourages remote staff to collaborate with specialist and use the technology of Augmented Reality. Experts will see just what a remote worker does and share their expertise as if they were standing on site. Either annotations or 3D elements that remain trapped in an item can be put, providing rich meaning and removing uncertainty.

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