Data is something when you need it you don’t have it !!


Digital transition is what occurs to companies by introducing modern and creative methods of doing business focused on technical advancements. Digital transformation is a revolutionary overhaul about how a company utilizes technologies, resources and procedures to radically improve business efficiency.

In the digital world, IT and OT convergence are still presenting problems and companies are unable to reap real benefits of Digitization, we help our clients to break Data Silos and gather data from any source, i.e. sensor, object, system and process.

  • Transforming the way real-time Industrial Operations Data is leveraged by manufacturing organizations, and asset OEM’s.
  • The framework focuses on Edge Analytics, Software Technology and Source – of Truth Integration, rendering industrial operations software readily accessible, contextually important, persistent, traceable and valuable for all stakeholder.
  • One platform for a wide variety of sectors, including Chemical, Food & Beverage, CPG, Healthcare, Pulp & Paper, Automotive, Coal, Oil & Gas and Agriculture.
  • IT & OT Convergence – Seamless data flow from sensor/machine to existing business application and BI/BA platforms.


  • Fragment Industrial data: velocity/veracity/volume/variety of data.
  • GAP in data points because of lack of disparate data sources & data silos integration.
  • Challenging to extract data from heterogeneous environment.
  • Complex to converge Filed Bus (OT) with Business (IT).
  • Need of computation nearest to source of data: law of physics data travel time and cost.
  • Present structure does not have have real-time edge analytics.
  • Complex to Integrate with existing BI or data visualisation tool.
  • Lack of Open and Extensible platform to handle disparate data sources.
  • Tradition approach limitation need of Edge/Fog Compute.







Meaningfully Bridge the Source of Truth and Business !!


Image Source by FogHub:


  • Seamless IT and OT integration.
  • Real Time analytics for immediate alert & actions.
  • Accelerate analysis efforts and produce result in real time, clear, contextual data from the root of the facts.
  • Free flow of information between operations & business.
  • Increased visibility gives greater mobility in operations.
  • Rapid outcomes and payback.
  • Open and out-of-the box connectivity to popular industrial standard protocols.
  • Real time analytics and edge intelligence delivered to user’s preferred app/ platform.
  • Secure Edge Architecture.
  • Reduce the cost of cloud storage.

We help our clients to make Industrial operations data highly available, contextually relevant and useful…

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