Docker – A beginner Tutorial

Docker – A beginner Tutorial

This tutorial will help you to get started with docker. This post is particularly for beginners who are eager to know how to start with amazing docker experience.

Let’s Get Started.

1) Install a docker

To install and run docker on your machine becomes a really easy thing with getting started guide on docker. You can find details instruction for setting up docker on Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Now, let’s test your docker installation,

Type docker run hello-world

If you receive “Hello from Docker!”, Congratulations everything is perfect. You can see a demo in an image provided below.



2) Very First Container

In this section, we are going to use “busybox” container to play around some docker commands.

Let’s run this command,

Type docker pull busybox

This pull command fetches an image from docker hub and stores it in our system.

Now, if you want to see all the images on your system, go for this command:

Type docker images

As you can see an image we just pulled from docker registry, we are going to run container from this “busybox” image.

Type docker run busybox

Don’t FREAK-out! Nothing happened, but there is nothing wrong with your set up. Let’s understand what actually happened when we ran this command.  First, docker tried to find “busybox” image, loads up a container for an image, then runs commands we have provided in that container.

Here, we didnt provide any command so container booted up, does nothing, and exited.

Lets provide a command along with run command.

Type docker run busybox echo “howdy from busybox”

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