And a bit like that, our lives have changed significantly in the primary quarter of 2020. As a worldwide network, we’re confronting a bigger number of difficulties than potentially we ever have previously. Work – from – home approaches are the new standard – in any event, for mission critical employees – and once a new term, “social distancing,” is presently used in everyday language.

Be that as it may, life and business fighters on as we comprehend this time. What’s more, this is particularly obvious in the realm of security necessities proceed, yet new dangers have entered the domain. Presently more information is required as workplaces closes, business is moved to off – site areas, void workplaces should be checked, and digital dangers are consistently developing. What’s more, the requirement for video surveillance to achieve these assignments is expanding day by day.

Video Analytics:

There are so numerous situations where complying with this confinement will be challenged. Many companies / industries may be eager to reopen at the earliest moment, so for this work, extra door workers will have to be hired only to monitor the amount of visitors entering and exiting. The expense of recruiting such additional team members may be prohibited for businesses still struggling to thrive.

It comes in the form of preloaded video monitoring cameras supplied with individual tracking data analytics. The analytics can provide real – time statistics on the total amount of persons in the premises, distancing between them, where they have fever or not, whether they wear facemask or not at any given moment, because it will monitor all individuals entering and exiting a premise concurrently.

Intelligent Drones

Thanks to the strict social distancing steps needed to curb the spread of the virus, the public deployment of drones has been accelerated. Some drones are used to detect people who may not use facemasks in order to maintain conformity, whilst others are used to broadcast details to wider crowds.

Facial Recognition and Fever Detector AI

Thermal cameras have been able to track individuals with fever for quite some time now. The technical downside is the need for a human operator. As per industry estimate, the global facial recognition market is projected to rise to USD 7 trillion by 2024. Facial recognition technology, powered by its acceptance in defense and biometrics, has now extended its grasp on many other applications such as communication, healthcare and more.

The human face is a complex multidimensional system capable of conveying considerable detail regarding specific gestures, facial features and emotions. Besides\ recognizing an individual, facial recognition technology extends its applications by predicting emotions and behavior.

But now cameras with multisensory AI – based technologies have been installed at airports, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. The system identifies people with fever automatically and monitors their gestures, recognizes their faces and identifies whether the individual wears a face mask.

How various Industries embrace the technologies of face detection & Facial Analytics


  • Crowd detection
  • Social Distancing
  • facemask detection
  • Checkout free stores
  • Customer count
  • Glance time
  • Heat- mapping
  • Tracking experiences
  • Employee management


  • Driver face identification
  • In-cabin experience
  • Driver face tracking & face analysis
  • Child protection
  • Driver safety


  • Crowd detection
  • Social Distancing
  • Patient’s monitoring
  • Patient management
  • Hospital crowd management


  • Crowd detection
  • Social Distancing
  • facemask detection
  • Passenger identification
  • Passenger traffic analysis
  • Biometric monitoring for crime & suspect

Technologies for facial detection and facial analytics are rapidly being applied through sectors to achieve advantages which have never been seen before. From shopping to hospitals, and from shipping to security, these tools are used by companies to classify, authenticate, measure emotions and control people. We anticipate this adoption to increase and introduce innovation in areas that were never seen before.

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