Most Companies when they think of GPS tracking, straightaway thinks about their vehicles and trucks, valuable assets that are sometimes lost. GPS monitoring in vehicles is now ubiquitous and is enabled by the option to access existing power supplies to ensure constant power and charging for every GPS tracking application is possible. Non powered assets in this regard is minimal.

An object that does not have its own power source (usually an engine with an alternator) is commonly referred to as a non – powered object few examples are shipping containers, freight, skip bins, chassis, palettes, trailers, generators, chair, tools, frac tanks, roll –offs and other container types, mobile traffic signs etc.

Non – powered asset management is a method for monitoring the position and usage of such non – powered assets in an energy – efficient way. Evoort provides an end – to end asset management system for both outdoor and indoor monitoring. Low – power GPS trackers that you add to your belongings can send data to the cloud. In addition, you can use our web application to evaluate the data generated and eventually automate the business processes.

Non – Powered Asset Tracking Highlights:

Visibility Creation

Avoid looking for unpowered assets

Rush about on – site to find a truck, then contact a variety of colleagues to ask precisely where the particular container is. Sounds familiar to you? Get rid of this tedious manual operation. Tracking the position and use of the assets would create accountability and transperancy.By this way, you no longer have to waste time looking for your assets

Pro – actively
Control Capacity

Know how many assets you have in stocks at all times.

Do you have assets distributed through a variety of various locations? And do you also transfer the assets between various locations? If that is the case, it can be challenging to hold a summary. With automated asset monitoring in the asset tracking system, you can see in a snapshot what the asset potential is.

Identify unused asset

Detection, Recognition and Distribution of idle assets

The introduction of an asset tracking solution would give you visibility into the usage level of your fleet. Perhaps, further it can help you realize which tools are not being utilized and how you will make the most use of them.

Improve Asset Rotation

Track trends in the asset movements

When your assets shift from one location to another,it is important to learn how and where they move.When utilizing an asset tracking solutions, you can obtain details regarding your asset movements with only a few taps.

Optimize Business processes

Shift your efforts on taking your company forward

Instead of having to deal with tedious work, and asset tracking system would instantly provide the tools you need to automate your business processes.It achieves so by integrating the strength of sensor technologies with market analytics.

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