About EMS

Energy Management System

Energy is a major business expense. In-fact it’s usually the third most expensive cost centre after people and property. So it’s vitally important that your facilities or plants are optimized to use energy as efficiently as possible.

Be it power, steam, gases or water, have a count on it – Extract, Store, Analyze and Visualize meter data for substantial OPEX saving.

The energy monitoring and measurement complexities are seamlessly addressed by Evoort’s Smart Energy Monitoring solution – We access meter remotely & reading remotely!!

Evoort’s Smart Energy Monitoring platform offers all services that enables organizations attain substantial enhancements on energy usage to save huge on operation expenditures.

Leverage the power of IoT with a convergence of Sensors, Gateways and Smart Energy Monitoring Platform. IoT sensors gather data in real-time, data modelling, Data visualization and Data Analytics for actionable insight.

The Internet of Things is already saving millions to energy companies. On the journey to smarter, greener technologies and a sustainable planet, there is but one keystone area that is setting the framework for everything else — and that is smart energy.

About the scenario we can offer


Smart Metering Solutions


Smart Lighting


Smart Grid asset monitoring


Smart building energy management



Real Time Monitoring Energy Quality Control


Analysis of equipment's performance


Consumption control patterns visualization


KPI parameters definition for analysis & dashboards


Customizable reports


Predictive energy optimization

Smart Energy Monitoring Platform Advantages


Reduce Energy Bills

Advanced Metering Infrastructure takes greater control over energy costs hence helps in efficient billing and energy planning.


Reduced OpEx

Evoort’s EMS platform can help reduce the need for energy, the types and quantities of energy used and quantifying the reduction both in cost and emissions. Most organizations can reduce their energy costs by at least 20%.


Reduced carbon Footprints

With the help of energy management system, your organization can reduce its carbon footprint as using energy management system carbon emissions are highly reduced thereby reducing the environmental damage simultaneously.


Increased Energy Efficiency

Gaining intelligence and control will help you to reduce downtime, extend asset lifetime, lower costs, and improve energy efficiency.


Quicker ROI

Our smart technology allows you to make better use of your resources. Lower installation costs and massive savings from reduced energy use results in a typical ROI.


Enable Statutory Compliances

Our solution helps enable compliance with different energy management regulation.