Real – time analysis of asset safety to enhance asset efficiency.

Combine expenses with optimal product usage, efficiency and monetization!

Getting a strategic advantage on the market is a prime prerequisite for every company to be interested in the competition. An IoT – enabled remote monitoring system is exactly what industries like engineering, heavy equipment , power & energy, mining and oil & gas need. IoT enabled asset tracking and management systems not only help you achieve greater leverage of the facilities and machinery, but can allow beneficial impacts on factors such as : growing performance and profitability, minimizing operational costs, increasing consumer service, etc.

Through introducing asset details to IoT and linking it to the business apps and company workflows, Evoort enriches the digital transformation initiatives.

Improved Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

Improved Mean Time Between Breakdowns

Increased Return On Assets(ROA)

Reduced Onsite resolution Time

Improved Asset Lifecycle Management

Improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Key Challenges:

Limited control over assets

Sudden machine breakdown

Lack of sophisticated reporting system

Inefficient asset performance tracking

Unconnected silos of IT and OT

Unable to meet maximum asset productivity

Loss of job – critical data

Consistent Connectivity is not available

Heterogenous variety of controllers

Global coverage needed

Geographically varying compliance and requirements

Inefficient and costly

IoT Driven Remote Asset Monitoring for 24/7 Asset Visibility

Have 360 degree asset monitoring through your premise. Highly flexible, adaptive and agile remote monitoring framework that guarantees fast response times, quick decision – making and efficient usage of resources.



Data Models

Customer Use Cases



App & Portal

Business Rules & Logic

Reports, Analytics

Users, Groups, Roles

What is the asset?

What’s the status?

Any issues to address?

What’s the big picture?

  • Smart Asset tracking for quicker communication through touch points.
  • Get quick access to configurable updates, reminders, insights and results.
  • Track your assets location, efficiency and fitness.
  • Effective lifecycle asset monitoring and process automation.

Remote Asset Monitoring Features :

Configurable asset parameter monitoring

Real – time data transmission through GSM/Wi-Fi/Zigbee networks

Analysis of operational data & historical inability to increase asset efficiency & reduce system loss risk

Consumer dashboards for displaying asset analysis & real time operational details

Integration with the field service equipment associated

Automated generation of asset loss danger warning

Information recovery and conversion and in the event of GSM signal failure

Integration of accounting processes, CRM,ERPs and PLMs

Remote Asset Monitoring Benefits:

Improving consumer loyalty by constructive customer support

Reduce repair cost by effective preventive maintenance

Boost in business profit

Reduce TCO for equipment / asset for customers

Improve the protection of asset operations

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